Our idea to create Grunt's BBQ was born out of a desire we all      share: to serve others.  Working long hours, holidays, weekends,  being gone for days and months from home, we wanted to deliver  a piece of home to those like us.  More so, we wanted those who  work harder, to have more.  So, we decided to get a food truck.    This was way before any popular TV shows or food truck  competitions.  Although our idea of a great food truck is a bit  different than most, we felt the need to combine it with the  training we frequently are a part of.  While we are some ways off  from having a mobile chow hall we want, we continue to work specific events, and be the sellers and distributors of some very specialized tactical tools.  The  profits from these sales are put towards our goals.  We serve  kick ass chow at veteran-specific events, first responder events,  and facilitating the peer support networks our warfighters need.  The need is real.  22 of our brothers and sisters feel no option but  to take their own life.  The support options in our area used to be few, but  we are changing that.  We are part of the best and most driven  community in the country.  If you need assistance, below are several resources we strongly  support.  Please reach out to us if we can be of service. 


 817-600-0514 or 843-697-0739 

       CRISIS LINE: 1-800-273-8255 AND PRESS 1 OR TEXT TO 838255.  (ANYTIME, 24/7/365) 

   206-459-3020               use FB page to contact 


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